Hazrat Safiyyah (May Allah be pleased with her)

This book is about Hazrat Safiyyah (ra) the daughter of Abdul-Muttalib and the paternal aunt of our beloved Master, the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (saw). This book was a joy to read and I must add that it was an eye-opening experience because although I had heard about Hazrat Safiyyah (ra) many times I was completely unaware of her extraordinary attributes and contributions and this short book really brings them to light. This book will take you on a journey through the life of Hazrat Safiyyah (ra). It gives you the opportunity to read about her struggles and sacrifices, her contribution to the history of Islam and examples of her brave decisions and fearless actions.

Hazrat Safiyyah (ra) was amongst those who immediately accepted Islam when the Holy Prophet (saw) began calling people to the religion and as a result faced many hardships. She was faced with a difficult task of raising three sons on her own after she had been widowed twice. Despite this, she had high hopes and dreams for her children and wanted them to become Godfearing, courageous warriors of Islam. To ensure this, she adopted a very harsh method of training for her children. On one occasion Hazrat Safiyyah (ra) was strictly disciplining her son Hazrat Zubair (ra) and his uncle walked by and asked Hazrat Safiyyah (ra) to stop. She replied that “Do not think I punish him because I do not love him. I do so only so that he will become smart.” She fulfilled her role as a mother and due to her training Hazrat Zubair (ra) went on to become a brave Muslim soldier so much so that when he was being threatened, tortured and forced to abandon Islam he replied, “I cannot reject the truth once I have recognised it.

Furthermore, the book beautifully describes Hazrat Safiyyah’s (ra) love for Allah and her devotion towards her faith. There were many occasions where her faith was put to the test however, she maintained steadfast and was able to overcome these hurdles. As one dives deeper into the book Hazrat Safiyyah’s (ra) courage and acts of bravery leaves one speechless. Hazrat Safiyyah (ra) was no ordinary women, she took part in several battles. She would bring water to the wounded soldiers on the battlefield and tended to their injuries. In some cases, she would have to pick up the sword and fight the enemies herself.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it had me hooked so much so that I didn’t want it to end. Therefore, I would highly recommend this to all, especially young girls. It’s very easy to read and doesn’t take up much of your time. I would encourage you to read this short biography and discover one of the many extraordinary personalities present in the history of Islam.

By Amtul Musawar (Soma)