Hazrat Zanaib (ra)

Hazrat Zainab (ra) was the eldest daughter of The Holy Prophet (sa) and Hazrat Khadijah (ra). Her mother Hazrat Khadijah (ra) was a very intelligent woman who educated Zainab (ra) with a lot of care. Hazrat Zainab(ra) was married at an early age due to Arab customs, the marriage was to her cousin Hazrat Abul-as Bin Rabi (ra).

At the time when Hazrat Zainab (ra) was born girls were treated poorly they were often buried alive and if allowed to live they were not handled with care or respect, they were denied love, affection, and simple human rights. Our beloved Holy Prophet (sa) bought a new light on the world teaching them that daughters should be adored and appreciated. He said anyone who brought up two daughters with such love and kindness will be close to him in paradise. Hazrat Zainab (ra) had two children a son named Ali and a daughter named Ummah.

Hazrat Zainab (ra) did not question her father’s prophethood but quickly accepted it with no doubt, she said “how can I reject my father who is Sadiq(truthful) and amin (trustworthy)”.

Hazrat Zainab (ra) lived little over a year after her husband accepted Islam. Hazrat Zainab (ra)  was 57 years old when she passed away.

All this information is only a small bit out of the book Hazrat Zainab (ra) that was translated by the children’s book team and was published in 2014. This book was originally written in Urdu to provide children with basic knowledge and understandings.

Written by Zahraa Malik Redbridge South Jama’at.