My Book About God – Review

This book is about the concept of understanding God, Who communicates with His servants as He did in the past. He is the One who is Eternal, All-Powerful, All-Knowing and the Creator of all things. He is the one, Who punishes the transgressors, but is most Forgiving, ever Merciful. I love how this book is so easy to read because it’s in a scripted story. Growing up in the western world, sometimes I start to question my identity and my beliefs because my fellow students are always asking me questions regarding my faith and especially about God, as some of them don’t have a religion. And when they use to ask me questions, I wasn’t able to give them proper answers with facts that there is a God Who has created everything for us and there is a purpose behind it. After reading this book I am stunned that I knew very little and now I must say that I have learned a lot.

I once been asked the question from my friend that “How can we be sure that the message is from God and not our wishful thinking or an illusion?” I wasn’t sure how to answer it but now I do. I have come to understand that God has His way to approach you, it can be done by dreams or through experiencing something. I experienced this myself. I had so much stress of school and wasn’t able to concentrate on my subjects because the exams were just around the corner, and I knew I was not going to get good grades. I knew it was only prayers and God to whom I could turn for help. I started praying and asking for his help, I believed that if I turned to Him, he will listen to my prayers. And he did. I passed with very good grades. I remember this one quotation from Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be His helper) “True worship is salaat. A believer cannot ask anything from anyone except from Allah”. (Friday sermon – 29th September 2017).

Another example would be for those who don’t have a religion and therefore a purpose of life. People who go into depression and are not satisfied with their lives because they don’t turn to God for help, instead turn to all worldly things so they can find happiness with objects instead of happiness of the soul.

Although, this topic is so deep and I can spend hours writing about it but, at the end of the day I feel I must recommend this book to you all, especially to the Nasirat. This book is a must read, it will increase your knowledge so much that you will proudly be able to stand in front of your fellow students and debate this topic and spread the knowledge you have gained by reading this book.

Written by Nazish Masood