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Special Sisters

My name is Nigarish Nasir and I have special needs. When I was growing up, I enjoyed writing poetry and playing sport, which I was able to do because of the help and support I received. Some things are difficult for me, for example:

  • In noisy locations, I feel agitated and I find it hard to concentrate.
  • When I have conversations with unfamiliar people, I feel shy but once I get to know people, I enjoy chatting and joking with them.
  • When I read some books, I find that some words are difficult to understand and too much text is confusing.
  • Sometimes, I find it tricky to attend Jama’at events because there isn’t enough space and I am a wheelchair user.
  • I like to know what’s happening beforehand, but when there are sudden changes, I get stressed and frustrated.

I went to Treloar School in Alton, Hampshire, where I learnt lots of things because there was a lot of help and support for me to join in with lots of different activities, like; Sailing, Boccia, Archery, Swimming and Trampolining.


Now I am studying ITQ at Treloar College. It is a course that is ideal for those who have a little experience in computing. I am also working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. I am happy now that the Jama’at is trying to cater for people with different disabilities. We all have different skills and talents, which we should be able to share given the right support.

Nigarish Nasir

Living with an older sister who has special needs can be challenging at times but also a learning curve. For example she tends to repeat things which can be extremely frustrating especially when I am concentrating on other things. However as I know that this is out of her control, I have had to learn to ignore it. I have also learnt that she has many strengths amongst her weaknesses such as remembering specific dates and times. One thing I admire about her is her determination and resilience to overcome her physical barriers to get around and access things which we take for granted in our daily lives. Overall, living with a special needs sister has taught me to be more patient and to appreciate people’s hidden abilities which may not always be apparent when you first meet them.

Anoosha Nasir

My sister has special needs and when I am at home with my sister we love to have fun. Me and my sister always have fun whenever we are together because I always help her and look after her when she is around. In the morning we wake up at the same time and chat while our other sister is sleeping. As my sister can’t walk very well she uses tripods that help her to stand up and walk. To make it safe when she is walking I clear the path in front of her so she doesn’t trip over anything that is in front of her. When we go out we take her wheelchair so it means she doesn’t have to walk long distances and get tired. Sometimes I have to explain things in smaller steps or a bit more detail to her and if there is too much information she may not understand it. My sister can be shy but can also sometimes be brave and talk to others without being shy. However sometimes you have to listen carefully to what she is saying because she can talk very quietly. In our spare time we like to do fun activities like colouring, chatting  and having time together in our house or outside. My sister’s special talent is she can remember things like from a year ago which is very interesting as other people can find it hard to do that.

Minha Nasir