The Blessed Institution of Wassiyyat

In his book – Al-Wassiyat, “The Will’, published in 1905 – the Promised Messiah (as) explains about his succession and gives the glad tidings of the second manifestation of Divine grace in the form of Khilafat. The Promised Messiah (as) also gives details of the blessed institution of Wasiyyat stressing the importance of making a financial sacrifice for the cause of Islam. The Promised Messiah (as) also described the establishment of a graveyard named as the Bahishti Maqbara (The Heavenly Graveyard).

Wasiyyat is the making of a will in the favour of the Community, pledging 1/10 to 1/3 of one’s assets to the Jama’at at the time of one’s death. A person who has pledged Wasiyyat is known as a Moosi and must also donate 1/10 to 1/3 of his earnings yearly for the cause of Islam.

Anyone who wishes to do Wasiyyat needs to read this book The Will to understand the concept. These funds are used for the propagation of Islam by dissemination of Qur’anic knowledge, publishing religious books and meeting expenses that may help the advancement of Islam. These funds are also used to help such orphans, poor and needy people, and new converts as do not have sufficient means of livelihood. Other conditions associated with this blessed scheme are those of piety and righteousness.

The love of material possession can be a source to take one away from Allah. To address this, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his Helper) says:

“If on the other hand, the fears about our possessions still haunt us and prevent us from joining this blessed Divine scheme, then our faith stands on very weak grounds. When there is no guarantee on our possessions or our lives, we have to put our faith and trust in Allah above all other matters. May Allah enable us to understand our responsibilities and help us in fulfilling our obligations. Ameen.”