Mohsinaat Age Group (13-14) – First Position Holder

1st: Basma Mansoor



(Muth-er) noun

A person who loves unconditionally, the maker and

Keeper of previous memories. A person much loved

And greatly admired.

My Saviour

The lines on my palm will change,

The shackles of sorrow will melt,

Even Allah will feel your effect,

You’re the house of harmony,

Mother, my beloved mother,

Mother, my gracious mother,

The disordered luck will vanish

Life will sing songs of happiness,

There’s no fear or discord,

When you’re there,

Mother, my beloved mother,

Mother, my gracious mother.

How the stars of your love will embroider my sky.

At the end of all despairs,

I won’t forget; I’m with you

You’re one of the reason’s I live for,

Mother, my beloved mother

Mother, my gracious mother

The coldness of my regular monotone voice will

Exterminate itself

The colour in my eyes will radiate again

A wave of positive emotions will drown me

Once I see you

My mother, my beloved mother

My mother, my gracious mother

Oh mother, my saviour

Paradise lies under your feet.