On 2nd January 2021, National Amila Lajna Imaillah UK were granted a virtual mulaqat with Beloved Huzoor (aba)

Huzoor-e-Aqdas (aba) gave the slogan for the year for Nasirat saying:

“Modesty is part of faith”
(Muslim & Bukhari)

Huzoor (aba) further said:
“This will cover quite a number of things which will help you to do Tarbiyat of your Nasirat.”

Insha’Allah through this blessed motto together, Nasirat will discover a new world. We will share our experiences, hold our heads up high to lead the world with our actions, thoughts and words.

“The task of (moral training) with regards to Nasirat is very significant”
(30th December 2020)

(Saria Yasir)

Nasirat Motto

(Ayesha Khulood)

Some thoughts and questions for the Nasirat to reflect on:


Is Modesty a burden? Or an act of love from my Creator?
Is my value not akin to a precious gemstone?
Is not the future of mankind in MY lap?
Do I not have the power to instil good in others?
Am I not the mother of Kings of yonder?
Does my cradle not swing with Prophets of the past?
It is Me, I, She. Power of love. My strength runs in your veins.

Do I deserve dust and dirt to fall on my garment of pure?
Do I deserve a paltry price?
Should I not be cherished the gem that I am?
Should I be adorned? Protected in my Oyster for the pearl that I am?
I am the one. YOUR future rests in MY arms.


By Amama-Tul Bushra

Modesty is not as an imposition, but rather an act of love, which wills the good of the other, so that the beauty and vulnerability of the human body might be revealed at the right time and in the right way.

The purpose of hijab (veiling) in Islam is primarily to inspire modesty in both men and women. In the Holy Qur’an men are admonished first regarding Modesty (lower gaze). Women and girls in Islam are highly esteemed as in their hands is the future of moral society.

Muslim women wear hijabs and loose clothing to fulfil the command of God. It encourages them to be modest and not to dress in a manner that attracts men. The hijab is a protection for Muslim women against the unwanted gaze of men.

A woman in a hijab, is seen by onlookers to be guarding her modesty. Her message is clear – she does not want men to look at her.


Nasirat Calligraphy

Nasirat have been asked to send calligraphy on the motto of the year. Here we showcase your talents. Enjoy!


Amna Arfa



An old oak tree –

Strong and humble.

standing firmly on the ground.


Petals of a lily –

Graceful and pure.


Seeds in an apple

Hidden, but bearer of a whole new life.


That one shining star in the sky –

Bright and high

Guiding all humanity

Towards righteousness and peace.