My Mother Blessed With a New Life

In early April sadly my mum got really ill. She had an infection in her gums, due to that reason her throat was hurting and she couldn’t eat or drink anything and couldn’t even swallow medicine.

She took antibiotics for 5 days. Then she started having a fever. At this point very sadly she got really weak and from isolating in her room for 2 weeks she was not getting better. We called our GP and they suggested her to be in quarantine and to take paracetamol and that’s all they could do at this time. We always tried our best to help her and give her food and drink, but she couldn’t eat it as she lost her taste and smell. She was getting so weak and not responding much. Mostly she was unconscious. She wasn’t able to walk to the toilet by herself.

We decided enough is enough; so we called 999. The ambulance came and they took her to hospital. They did tests to check why she is unconscious and not responding much. Unfortunately, she tested positive for coronavirus. They treated her very well. However, thanks to Allah the Almighty within five days at hospital she got sooo much better!!! Allah the Almighty blessed us with her new life. Everything started getting better and she was eating and drinking and even taking her medicine. Then they said she can go home because she is recovering quickly. On hearing this news we thanked God Almighty. Whole family wrote a letter to Huzoor (aba) for his kind prayers that had been accepted. She still had to isolate for 5 days but now she was bit better and back home.


By the grace of Allah Almighty  nothing happened to her. I was really scared for all of us my father, brothers and how will we cope without her, but Alhamdolillah she is so much better and is still getting better. Her quarantine   is over.  Now we hugged her and welcomed her home properly. We wrote letters weekly to beloved Huzoor (aba) for prayers. My Mother was working as secretary Taleem so all aunties really looked after her and sent us cooked meals daily. Now I want to make lots of friends within Jammat like my mother.  As I witnessed the benefits of having so many friends. I really appreciate everyone’s prayers for my mother.

Please remember my family in your kind prayers especially my mum ❤️

I hope you and your families stay at home and are safe. This is such a difficult time for all of us and listening to the khutbas about people who have passed away because of this virus scares me a lot. I am praying for all Jammat members and your families to be safe and healthy. Ameen ❤️❤️❤️

By Ghazala Bajwa