The Lion and the Mouse

One day, the great lion, king of the jungle was having his daily afternoon nap. No one dared disturb him, as he became extremely grumpy if he didn’t get his sleep. On this occasion, a poor, little mouse accidentally ran over his face and woke him up. The lion was enraged. He grabbed the mouse with his paw and roared, “How dare you wake me up, I will kill you for your insolence!”

“Please don’t kill me!” squeaked the mouse, trembling with fear. “ I beg you to let me go, I promise that one day I will help you in some way.” “YOU HELP ME?” The lion laughed and laughed, “How can a little mouse like you help me?”

The lion thought it was so funny that he let the mouse go. A few months later, the great lion was rambling through the forest when suddenly he stepped into a hunters net and found himself trapped. No matter how hard he struggled he couldn’t break free.

The lion roared for help but none dared approach him, except the little mouse. “I am here” cried the little mouse “I will help you.” The lion was astonished before he had a chance to reply the little mouse began chewing at the net and before long he had made a hole large enough for the lion to escape. “Thank you so much,” he said, “a little mouse like you could help a great lion like me after all!”