United Under One Hand: Memories With Khilafat

Our mulaqat was in November 2018. First, we greeted Huzoor (may Allah be His helper), and then we sat down. A few minutes later, he asked me: “What have you got in that book?” In my hand was a book that I had brought with me in which I had written some ahadith. I showed Huzoor (may Allah be His helper), and he was very impressed. He said that my handwriting was very neat. Then he called my sisters, Saariya and Manaahil. He gave each of us a chocolate and a pen. Finally, we had a picture of everyone with Huzoor (may Allah be His helper). Sabeeka Rashed, age 9 

My name is Naima and I am 10 years old. Let me tell you about my most memorable moment with beloved Huzoor (may Allah be His helper). My most memorable moment with beloved Huzoor (may Allah be His helper), was when I got a prize for my Nazam at the National Ijtema 2018 from Huzoor (may Allah be His helper). When my name got called up, I felt nervous but happy at the same time because all I ever wanted in my life was to get an award from beloved Huzoor (may Allah be His helper). Whilst we were waiting for beloved Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) to arrive, I was waiting eagerly for the life time moment to arrive for me to get an award and cherish this beautiful memory forever. Now whenever I see the beautiful trophy that I received from the blessed hands of Huzoor (may Allah be His helper), I re-live the moment and thank Allah to give me this opportunity. I hope all of you reading this get to experience a moment with our beloved Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) that you can remember forever. Naima Ahmed, age 10 

I’m going to tell you my most memorable moment with my beloved Huzoor (may Allah be His helper). We were sitting outside in the scorching heat under the canopies. It was last year’s UK’s Jalsa (2018). Temperature was in the 30s. Children, babies, adults were all hot and it was extremely difficult to find any shade. The heat was unbearable. It was the second day of Jalsa, when Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) goes to the ladies for the Lajna address. However, due to the weather, it was hard to concentrate. Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) ‘s speech ended, and then the Nasirat and Lajna Nazam presentations were being echoed throughout. We knew it might be the time that Huzoor could come out very soon. It was all hope, that our beloved Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) possibly might pass our way. But this can only happen sometimes. No one knows if this year would be that lucky year. However, as always, my mum told us to pray that Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) indeed does pass so we are able to see him, even just a glimpse would make our Jalsa the best ever.

I am eager, excited, nervous and start to pray.  We look around and hear notifications from the duty holders for everyone to stay seated, remain quiet, and not move, as Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) will probably pass our way. We all shriek in excitement and our hearts are filled with happiness and joy. My mum says to me and my younger brother and sister to sit close and say salaam and wave when Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) passes. We wait. Then, something happens. Everyone starts to move out of their places. The duty holders tell us Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) is not coming this way. Oh no!! I am so sad. It was so close!

But hang on. What’s that happening now? Oh, my goodness! Huzoor (may Allah be His helper)!!! There he is!! We see him walking! Oh My God, we are stunned. He’s coming our way!! We are huddled together and come up on our knees to get a better look. Masha’Allah he is so beautiful. Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) is walking so gracefully and saying salaam to everyone as he passes. Then, he starts approaching us and waves! Oh wow, it was beautiful. We were all shrieking with happiness!

We start to say how staying in the heat was all worthwhile in the end. But wait a minute. Again?! We can see Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) coming back!! He’s going to pass us the second time! This is unbelievable! We are literally just staring in amazement. Our beloved Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) passed us twice! Alhamdolillah. I cannot explain the joy of that day.  The weather was unbearable, but as my mum said, it was all worth every pain and discomfort seeing the real, cool sun come our way! There are many memorable memories with beloved Huzoor (may Allah be His helper), but I really wanted to share this one with you, as I’m sure it’s something we all can relate to.  Inaya Ahmad

One of my fondest memories of Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) from when I was younger happened when we were staying at Hadeeqatul Mahdi during Jalsa. I think I would have been around 6 or 7 at the time. It was late in the evening and my older brother and I were fighting as per usual. One thing led to another and it resulted in my bracelet being broken. It was my favourite bracelet and I think I must have been somewhat devastated because the way it was broken seemed irreversible. I can’t remember exactly what happened after that but later that evening I was stood next to Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) who was working at his desk. I remember him taking my bracelet (well, at the point it was more like a singular chain) and examining it carefully under the light of the lamp. I looked at his hands with curiosity as I saw him working with the metal clasp of the bracelet. It wasn’t possible to restore to how it was originally but by bending the mental chains he managed to join the bracelet in a different way. I looked on with fascination as I saw my bracelet fixed. Now that I’m older and more aware I know how busy Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) is during Jalsa and it makes me immeasurably grateful that he was able to take time out of his schedule to solve such a comparatively insignificant issue. It also taught me the valuable lesson of not giving up even if a solution isn’t immediately obvious. Yusra Dahri 

2014 was my first travel to see my beloved Khalifa at UK Jalsa. I remember during the USA delegation Mulaqat Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) mentioning Hasan Hakeem of Zion Jamaat and Haji Dhul Yahqub of Milwaukee Jamaat and his wife Nycemah being his dear African American friends who lived some time in Ghana while he was there. Hearing that, I felt so proud and touched that Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) and I had close connections to these humble individuals. When the mic was passed to the ladies side everyone gave short introductions. I sat in the back row. After each lady Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) asked if they were a convert. Each said no but born Ahmadi. When the mic came to me I introduced myself. Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) said to me you must be born Ahmadi. I said yes. He said you look like a born Ahmadi. My heart had melted! It was amazing and a feeling of acceptance that my Khalifa could see that I was born Ahmadi. During my time in London for Jalsa everyone I had approached or approached me assumed I was a convert. I had no idea why they assumed that but Huzoor (may Allah be His helper) could tell right off the bat that I am born and raised Ahmadi which made me feel so special and confirmed to myself that I have been carrying my Ahmadiyyat well and my parents have raised me well to the best of their abilities. Khalida Bakr – USA

It was the year 1956, I was in year 10 and Hazrat Musleh Ma’ood (ra) was writing the Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an, “Tafseer-e-Sagheer”. Huzoor (ra)used to call students from year nine and ten to come and listen to the Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an with his wife, Hazrat Uma-e-Nasir Sahiba. While Huzoor (ra) would be reciting the Tafseer, Hazrat “Choti appa” Maryam Siddiqa sahiba used to take notes. This was a regular practise, occurring twice a week in the mornings. Huzoor (ra) never sat on a chair, rather he would sit on the floor on a mattress with a big round pillow to rest his arm on. There was a very spiritual atmosphere and whenever I think about those days, I count myself very lucky.

Another beautiful memory I have with Hazrat Musleh Ma’ood (ra) is during the days of Jalsa Salana in Pakistan. Rabwah used to be a very busy city with so many special trains and buses hired for the event. Hazrat Musleh Ma’ood (ra)used to take Bai’at (pledge of allegiance) in the morning before the Jalsa Salana programme used to start. The arrangements for the ladies to take Bai’at used to be in Hazrat Ume Nasir Sahiba’s  house. Huzoor (ra) as usual used to sit on the floor on a mattress with a round pillow. I used to do duty with one of my teachers known as “Ustani Memoona” who was Nazima. My duty was filling out the Bai’at forms and taking the thumb impressions. One of Huzoor (ra) wives sat near Huzoor (ra) and the Lajna would put their hand on her hand one by one, repeating the words. We were not sitting too far from Hazrat Musleh Ma’ood (ra) but at the time didn’t realise. I consider myself one of the luckiest people having experienced those blessed days. Halima Rashid 

I went to Jalsa three years ago, and for me it was the best experience I’ve ever had by far. I want to start by saying that I wasn’t expecting to be invited to go, plus it was my first time going out of my country. But since I was invited, I got lots of expectations of this great event, expectations that were later overcome at Jalsa UK. The first thing I saw and felt when I arrived to Jamia UK was the warm welcoming, it felt like being with my family, it felt like being in my country. Love was floating in the air, everyone smiling, new people meeting and talking… It was a paradise for me. I felt so relaxed, confident, happy and blessed. I met so many people, everyone was so kind, and it reminded me why I’m Ahmadi Muslim now, Alhamdolillah. It also reinforced my faith, and I could see that we are more than just a few people in my Jamaat. It empowered me to spread the word, even more than I was doing at that time. Insha’Allah.

I also met the Khalifa (Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be His helper)), but at that time it had only been months of me being a new Muslim, so I didn’t really know what to do, how to feel about it and most importantly, how important was the Khalifa. But I really wanted to learn more, and I thought that meeting the Khalifa could change this perspective. And it did. I remember, the days before the meeting, I had so many questions, but when I met him all those questions just went away, I was in a blank state. I just introduced myself to him and I told him how happy I was. In the end, it was nice to meet him, nice to listen to his answers which he gave to the other members of my Mexican delegation. Maybe I didn’t do many questions at that moment, but those questions remained in my mind, and in a certain way it has helped me to send these questions in my letters to Huzoor (may Allah be His helper), and only God knows, but this has surely helped me to build a relationship with the Khilafat through these years, Alhamdolillah. Alicia Fabiola Gonzalez Crespo – Mexico