Examples of Financial sacrifice by young Ahmadis

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) often mentions the financial sacrifice made by young Ahmadis towards the blessed schemes of Tehrike Jadid and Waqfe Jadid.

We have set out below extracts of some of Huzur (aba)’s sermons where these sacrifices are mentioned.


6th November 2020

Huzoor (aba) narrated the story of a young girl from India. She was an eight year old girl, who would take spare change from her father every day and collect it in her money box. Upon learning about financial sacrifice, she presented her money box which had a total of more than eight hundred rupees which she had gathered over many months. Huzoor (aba) commented that even children present such sincere sacrifices.


8th November 2019

Huzoor (aba) gave the magnificent examples of two pre-teen children, who took jobs to raise funds for Chanda. One of them went to the woods to collect firewood. This sort of sacrifice in which one has to work or go to the jungle to collect wood and then sell it, is a concept which the children here are unable to relate to as the conditions here are better. Undoubtedly there are excellent examples of sacrifice here as well; there are some children who gave their entire pocket money or that they were saving money to buy something, but instead they gave away that amount. Nonetheless, we find examples of sincerity and loyalty everywhere, each sacrificing according to their own situations. May Allah the Almighty continue to increase them in their sincerity and loyalty.

9th November 2018

A missionary in Ivory Coast writes that he went to a place to collect Tahrik-e-Jadid, where there was a community of new converts. Only a year ago they took the Bai’at and became a part of the Jama’at. He says, “I delivered a speech to these people with regards to the importance of Tahrik-e-Jadid and its purpose. I further explained that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said that all members should participate and partake of this blessing. The following day, after the morning-prayer some members of the community began donating according to their own means and the Imam of the mosque participated in this, also paying on behalf of his family towards Tehrik-e-Jadid. Later on, his 6 year-old son brought 100 CFA Francs from his father saying this was his contribution.” He further says, “We were delighted by the extent of this young child’s desire to make financial sacrifices.”

A missionary in the Ivory Coast writes: “There was a tifl in the city San-Pedro who was 14 years old. The boy’s father says that he asked him to perform an errand for the house on a Sunday, to which his son replied that he is finance secretary in the Atfal Amila and he collects Chanda from other people, however he has been unable to pay his own Chanda. Since he has to attend school on the other days, on that day he intended to go and work on a farm, and through this labour he would be able to earn some money and pay his Chanda. His father said that he would pay the money on his behalf, however the son replied that the Missionary had said that children should pay the Chanda from their pocket money. Since he was unable to give any Chanda from his pocket money, he was adamant that he would go and earn some money to pay for the Chanda. He completed his work and gave the money he earnt as part of Chanda.”

Thus is the thinking of children, living in distant places and of those who have recently joined the community – this is something only God Almighty can instil in a person.


3rd November 2017

The missionary of Nakuru, Kenya writes that the current President of the community, Abu Bakr Kibi Sahib who is a very sincere Ahmadi and serves as a Sergeant in the Kenya Defence Forces, despite living far from the mosque in cantonment area, he always travels a long journey to attend the Friday prayers and brings his three daughters with him. A few days ago after the Friday prayers he told the missionary that my daughters also listen to this sermon and during the month a guest visited his house. When leaving they gave twenty-five Shillings in the hand of my youngest daughter who was five years old at the time. When the guest had gone this girl approached her father and whilst handing over twenty Shillings said give this for Tahrik-e-Jadid from myself and the remaining five Shillings I shall spend on something to eat.

Thus, such examples of sacrifices can only be the hallmark of an Ahmadi, both young and old and living anywhere in the world. The sacrifices offered by children is in fact a resonance of their pious nature. May God Almighty enable the Jama’at to continue producing such children and elders who are instilled with the passion and zeal to offer sacrifices for the sake of God Almighty and they continue to fulfil their pledges that they have made.


4th January 2019

The finance secretary from India writes, “A refresher course was held in the Karnataka province which I attended along with the Naib Nazim Mal [assistant finance secretary] and Waqf-e-Jadid secretary. There, the Naib Nazim Mal mentioned in the house of a local Muallim that there were severe rains in Kerala causing terrible destruction, and for this reason there had been difficulty in receiving the donations for Waqf-e-Jadid in that area.” As he was leaving the house, the Naib Nazim Mal gifted 100 rupees to each of the children of the Muallim. He says, “Later on I returned to that Jamaat on tour and the children of the Muallim donated the 100 rupees towards Waqf-e-Jadid which was gifted to them saying that due to the flood, the situation in Kerala was not so good, therefore they desired that they accept the Chanda from them.” Despite their young age, they had understood the significance of giving Chanda.