Mohsinaat Age Group (13-14) – Second Position Holder

2nd: Saleha Siddiqa


This is a gift to you from my heart,

As you were there right from the start,

It is only you who could’ve played the part,

Which means that now we can be apart,

How does your smile never grow old?

How is your heart made from pure gold?

You always help me when I begin to fall,

You hold me close and say “I’ll take care of it all”

How do you shower such everlasting love?

How do you manage to bring peace like a dove?

You laugh when you’re sad to make me laugh too,

You bring such joy in everything you do,

How do you put up with me even at the toughest of times?

How are your eyes full of twinkle and shine?

You use your magic to make all worries go away,

You are the light that keeps me from going astray,

How do you make that safe spot for me?

How do you manage to make me calm and stress free?

You help me to achieve my wildest dreams,

You are the one that builds my self-esteem,

How do you …

Don’t mind me Mama, as my questions will never end but I want you to know that:

For all you do you do it will love,

You are my special gift from Allah above,

And for everything that I am today,

Your stories of Allah and his messengers showed me the way,

If I could have chosen,

I would have picked no other,

I would have picked no other,

Than you…

My amazing mother!