Mohsinaat Age Group (13-14) – Third Position Holder

3rd: Fareeha Chowdhry

Since when I was crawling around on my knees,

And all the way up to now in my teens,

The one person that has always been there is my mother.

My mother is the most beautiful woman I know Mashallah,

May Allah grant her a long, happy and healthy life Inshallah.

She has spent countless nights awake when I couldn’t sleep,

And helped me through problems when I’d dug myself a hole too deep.

When I’ve cried, she’s cried.

She’s always been by my side.

Sometimes she gets on my nerve,

And I don’t always treat her how she deserves.

But she has never given up on me,

And continues to show me the positive side to see.

One day, when I’m successful and grown,

I’m going to buy her a house to repay for all the

Faith she has shown.

She has taught me how to be kind,

And be at peace with my own mind.

No one can compare to my mum.

Anything yours can do, mine has already done.