The Ant and the Grasshopper

One mid-summer day, a young grasshopper was chirping happily in the grassy meadow, when he noticed a small ant dragging a heavy ear of corn towards its home. Upon seeing the ant, the grasshopper bound up to him to ask “Why are you working so hard? Why not enjoy the summer sun
with me?” The ant replied, whilst sweating from his load “I am gathering food for my family in preparation for the winter.” He suggested that the grasshopper should do the same.

The grasshopper laughed mockingly and said to the ant “Why worry about the winter? It’s summer and we have lots of food.” But the ant carried on working. When winter came, at last, the grasshopper was left cold and hungry, but he saw the ants sharing their grain and corn. So the grasshopper realised his mistake and knew that he should have been preparing for the winter instead of being idle all summer.