The Fox and the Stork

The Fox and the Stork became very good friends. One day, the Fox decided to invite the Stork for dinner. The fox prepared a delicious soup, but, as a joke, presented the soup in a very shallow dish. When the stork arrived, the fox happily lapped and licked up the soup, but the stork could not do anything except wet the very end of her beak in the soup, without tasting one drop. She left the dinner hungry, and the fox apologised that the stork had not liked the soup. The Stork waved away the fox’s apology, and in return, offered to cook dinner for the Fox the following day. So, the next day, the Stork awaited Fox’s arrival and when he arrived, he found a table laid with two very long-necked flasks which held the meal. The stork easily dipped her beak into the food and ate hungrily, but the Fox could not fit his snout through the flask neck. The Fox left the dinner as hungry as when he arrived and had learned his lesson: One bad deed warrants another.