Salihaat Age Group (7-9) – First Position Holder

1stKashmala Yasmin


The cry of heaven,

After the sunrise poured,

The golden rays,

And the beauty it bore.

Scratches and dirt and twigs,

Everyone has their fall,

But all of it is worth it

When they come out proud and tall

“The moon to my tides

The day to my night

You were once me

So don’t be surprised

Oh my sweet child, when you hear this world

Is full of horror fright

Learn to not care

And learn to just walk

From things that are tempting,

That will make you fall

My dear child, that’s all for tonight

Preach what I told

You’ll learn right and wrong

These were the morals

Of my own life

Now sleep my child, sleep well and tight”

Salihaat Age Group (7-9) – Second Position Holder

2nd: Ayla Bajwa 

There is no other mummy

who makes me laugh and

works hard making food which

is really yummy.

My mummy says she has a

good life but sometimes she

forgets, she’s not only my mummy,

she’s also a good wife.

My mummy helps me do my homework

every Friday night but not before she

reminds me to pray, which is right.

She even goes to work and

makes sure we all behave

but when she returns in the evening

the house is like a cave.

I have two little sisters, my mummy

calls us her three lucky stars but when

we have school holidays, my mummy

wishes she lived on planet Mars. 

Salihaat Age Group (7-9) – Third Position Holder

3rd: Minahal

Mother is someone who loves you

She supports you at all times

My mother seems to know

What is wrong before I say

She seems to know

What is on my mind and

Knows I am down that day.

She guides me to the right path

And prays for me all day.

She makes food

Before I come home from school

And works all day

Thanks so much for being

A teacher, a guardian and most

Importantly my mom

Sometimes she scolds you

But does it for your own health and safety.

Qanitaat Age Group (10-12) – First Position Holder

1st: Durre Sameen Sohail

Paradise lies under the feet of a mother,

Said our Beloved Prophet (pbuh), like no other,

My mother is ever so beautiful,

Because of her always being dutiful.

My mother is protective; between us siblings – never selective,

She has enough love for all of us, even if we make the biggest of fuss,

Funny is something she is known for, which makes our home cheerful,

I cannot help but notice her stunning smile, which makes up her stunning style,

During this difficult phase of life, it is great to have her as a friend who is more than understanding, yet subconsciously guiding,

Her presence is ever so gentle, creating an invisible mantle,

Her manner is very graceful, and I must add her food is very tasteful,

All these qualities make her worthy of this hadith,

May Allah bless her for making me firm in my belief.

Qanitaat Age Group (10-12) – Second Position Holder

2nd: Sabaa Qaisar


Step by step,

She taught me how to walk,

She taught me how to talk,

Step by step,

She fed you,

She got you to go to bed,

Step by step,

She cared for you when unwell,

She cared for you when you weren’t

Step by step,

She guided you away from the darkness,

Lead you towards light,

Step by step,

She gave you confidence,

She gave you self-reflect,

Step by step,

She made you grow,

From the mind,

To the soul,

Step by step,

You mother made you believe,

In yourself and more.

Qanitaat Age Group (10-12) – Third Position Holder

3rd: Maliha Khalida Malik

A mother’s love is something that cannot be explained

It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain

She filled my days with rainbow lights

Fairy tales and sweet dream nights,

A kiss to wipe away my tears

Gingerbread ease my fears,

It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may

You gave the gift of life to me

And then in love, set me free,

I thank you for the tender care

For deep hugs and being there,

It believes beyond believing

When the world around condemns,

And it glows with all the beauty of the rarest, brightest gems

It is far beyond defining,

It defines all explanations,

And it still remains a secret like the mysteries of a creation,

The many comprises you made for me

No one could see, but I had to see.

Mohsinaat Age Group (13-14) – First Position Holder

1st: Basma Mansoor



(Muth-er) noun

A person who loves unconditionally, the maker and

Keeper of previous memories. A person much loved

And greatly admired.

My Saviour

The lines on my palm will change,

The shackles of sorrow will melt,

Even Allah will feel your effect,

You’re the house of harmony,

Mother, my beloved mother,

Mother, my gracious mother,

The disordered luck will vanish

Life will sing songs of happiness,

There’s no fear or discord,

When you’re there,

Mother, my beloved mother,

Mother, my gracious mother.

How the stars of your love will embroider my sky.

At the end of all despairs,

I won’t forget; I’m with you

You’re one of the reason’s I live for,

Mother, my beloved mother

Mother, my gracious mother

The coldness of my regular monotone voice will

Exterminate itself

The colour in my eyes will radiate again

A wave of positive emotions will drown me

Once I see you

My mother, my beloved mother

My mother, my gracious mother

Oh mother, my saviour

Paradise lies under your feet.

Mohsinaat Age Group (13-14) – Second Position Holder

2nd: Saleha Siddiqa


This is a gift to you from my heart,

As you were there right from the start,

It is only you who could’ve played the part,

Which means that now we can be apart,

How does your smile never grow old?

How is your heart made from pure gold?

You always help me when I begin to fall,

You hold me close and say “I’ll take care of it all”

How do you shower such everlasting love?

How do you manage to bring peace like a dove?

You laugh when you’re sad to make me laugh too,

You bring such joy in everything you do,

How do you put up with me even at the toughest of times?

How are your eyes full of twinkle and shine?

You use your magic to make all worries go away,

You are the light that keeps me from going astray,

How do you make that safe spot for me?

How do you manage to make me calm and stress free?

You help me to achieve my wildest dreams,

You are the one that builds my self-esteem,

How do you …

Don’t mind me Mama, as my questions will never end but I want you to know that:

For all you do you do it will love,

You are my special gift from Allah above,

And for everything that I am today,

Your stories of Allah and his messengers showed me the way,

If I could have chosen,

I would have picked no other,

I would have picked no other,

Than you…

My amazing mother!

Mohsinaat Age Group (13-14) – Third Position Holder

3rd: Fareeha Chowdhry

Since when I was crawling around on my knees,

And all the way up to now in my teens,

The one person that has always been there is my mother.

My mother is the most beautiful woman I know Mashallah,

May Allah grant her a long, happy and healthy life Inshallah.

She has spent countless nights awake when I couldn’t sleep,

And helped me through problems when I’d dug myself a hole too deep.

When I’ve cried, she’s cried.

She’s always been by my side.

Sometimes she gets on my nerve,

And I don’t always treat her how she deserves.

But she has never given up on me,

And continues to show me the positive side to see.

One day, when I’m successful and grown,

I’m going to buy her a house to repay for all the

Faith she has shown.

She has taught me how to be kind,

And be at peace with my own mind.

No one can compare to my mum.

Anything yours can do, mine has already done.